Russian diploma. Full-time education.

Cost: from 350€ per month

Admission to the academy student
  • trust us
  • look for high-quality education
  • understand what federal state exams are
  • have and can provide all the official state documents issued by a school your child attends
  • opt for an educational itinerary individually tailored for your child
  • look for consistent education
  • realize the necessity of an educational programme, profound knowledge and the importance of a tutor
  • take an active stand as a parent
  • want to monitor your child's progress at any given moment of time
Dukley Academy provides
  • appreciate you as a person who goes hand in hand with us in the process of upbringing and education of your child
  • get your child officially enrolled into one of the state partner-schools
  • speak about, understand and find out your child's aspirations
  • make an individual educational itinerary based on our mutual collaboration (the itinerary can be changed or tuned at any moment in accordance with the student's individual progress, changing life perspectives and new horizons)
  • provide a student with all the necessary materials
  • provide access to the school facilities and resources
  • take responsibility for the results of our activity
  • monitor the student's progress
  • constantly keep in touch with parents, which makes the collaboration consistent
  • carry out midterm and final assessment
Russian diploma. Distance learning.
Cost: from 150€ per month
Admission to the academy student
  • partly want to be with us
  • are obliged to be officially enrolled into a state school
  • need occasional specialist consultations
  • are ready to control the educational process and take full responsibility for the results
  • cope with most of the workload individually
  • feel the need to use provided materials and to follow a certain programme
    Dukley Academy provides
    • get your child officially enrolled into of one of the state partner-schools
    • provide you with all the necessary materials
    • elaborate a programme which includes consultations and occasional testing
    • carry out midterm assessment (3 times a year)
    • give feedback on the programme completion process
    • carry out external state assessment (on the premises of DukleyAcademy).
    Partnership with Russian schools
    Dukley Academy has concluded a contract of partnership and presently collaborates with school #548 (Moscow), educational holding company "Znak" (Moscow) and Samara state regional academy (Nayanova) (Samara).

    This partnership provides our school with methodological assistance, field teams, state certifications, monitoring and educational meetings.

    It gives our students an opportunity to be oficially enrolled into state schools: enrollment, guiding, examinations, a state-recognized degree.
    Module courses
    The programmes described in a Russian high school diploma and in international diploma are the knowledge, skills and competences necessary for the successful completion of a chosen programme.

    If you are not satisfied with the basic minimum, we offer you module education.
    Contact us by the phone or e-mail address to find out more about the conditions.

    What is a module courses and for whom they are intended ?
    A module is a concentrate programme. A course which consists of various educational or aesthetic-development activities can be completed within two weeks. The speaker holding such a course is always someone aware of all the cutting-age trends. Any person can do such a module course.

    Module courses include project activities. The topic and the speaker are announced one month prior to the course.
    The cost may vary and therefore is calculated for every new course.
    The cost depends on the speaker and the expenses for the module course organization.

    Dukley Academy educational centre is always about "manual assembly", which means that every solution we offer is created to satisfy a certain person's needs and therefore is not a mass product.
      Pre-school department
      Development centre Kucha-Mala is a multidisciplinary pre-school institution where children do not only "hang out", but also develop their creative, intellectual, social and emotional potential. A kindergarten is fun, but our centre is a lot more than just fun - it is also beneficial in many ways. Apart from everyday programmes, we offer clubs and studios.

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