The first showing of a film "A scene at the sea"

On April, 20th, at 1.20 p.m. there was the first showing of a film which was made by students and teachers. We invite parents, students, our friends and anyone who is passionate about films to come! The film is made by the students of Dukley Cinema Academy.
Just imagine..

The sea. The Beach. The sun. Beautiful girls…and here comes a little tramper! The beach can no longer remain a calm, peaceful place when there is this hilarious little guy strolling along it with a walking stick in his hand and a dandified bowler on his head.

This is a description of an original film "A scene at the sea" made by Charles Chaplin in 1915.
Come and see the new film with us to find out what is in it.
In the table of events there is honouring of the participants and saying goodbye to the school for a week!
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