You don't like English? You just don't know how to cook it!

This week in our school is a week of the English language. We know exactly how to spend five days full of fun at school. Here is our recipe:

1. Take a game "Treasure hunting"

2. Mix higher and lower forms with the topics "Animal race" and "Survival Expert".
While cooking, it I necessary to speak in English about traditional recipes and national food holidays of English-speaking countries and your native country. Students of the 5th and 7th forms cook and talk about food festivals in different countries: Taco Tuesday in Mexico, La Tomatina in Spain, Battle of the Oranges in Italy.

3. Listen to the reports of students of the 6th and 8th forms about their favorite bands. Now we know a lot more about Caravan Palace, One Direction, Imagine Dragons, Hachsack Sisters and The Pretty Reckless.

4. Add the reading competition to all this cognitive fun!

5. Dress everything with proverbs, sayings and reports on the origin of English words to your taste!

Our perfect dish is ready!
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