About Dukley Academy

About our teaching techniques
In Dukley Academy we teach using a problem-task approach. A student faces a problem and starts looking for solutions, asking questions, analyzing, and eventually gets a result in the form of new knowledge and self-reflects. A teacher acts as a guide and an assistant who always stays nearby and keeps up motivation. Students become inquiring explorers on a scientific "journey" and their results stay with them for life, because the results gained with the help of the learning-by-doing approach belong to students.
A tutor plays a crucial role in the process of education. Tutors are not teachers or psychologists. Neither are they parents or friends. Tutors are experienced and even-tempered mentors, who supervise their mentees' progress. They are a link between parents, teachers and a child, as they communicate with all the three parties and thus can create a perfect approach to a certain student.
What is the purpose of our school? What is the purpose of Dukley Academy?

Of course, it is a high purpose!
Children spend 11 years at school, studying 9 months a year there! This is more than 2000 days of their life! And this is almost every day…

Our purpose is to make sure the quality of school life is high and the time students spend at school is used profitably. We want students to regard school days as their personal achievement that they can take pride in, rather than treat it as loads of useless information and a waste of time.

We have created a school taking into consideration the fact that every child is a unique soul we were lucky to have met and led along the path of knowledge.
We appreciate your trust in us.
Dukley Academy has parents:
  • When developing Montenegro and Dukley complex in particular, "Stratex" company founded an international educational centre DukleyAcademy. Neil Emilfarb, a man who makes this world a better place spending his time and money on it, personally took part in this project.
  • Dukley Academy principal, Nadezhda Lapteva, has created a new generation school using the experience of a Russian school Katyusha which she managed before. We have reconsidered the six years of experience, we have managed to maintain strong partnership relations and retain proficient staff and we have established a brand-new, unique school.
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